This is my reflection on the 12 Angry Men that is available on YouTube.

Scene from 12 Angry Men

People make mistakes. They could be wrong!

This beautiful work made me wonder about how easy it is for popular opinion to get formed on specious grounds. Politics in India offers numerous examples to illustrate this…

One nation solemnly promised to a second nation the country of a third”- Arthus Koestler

The incessant Israel-Palestine conflict has its roots in the decline of the Ottoman Empire. B. Crose had rightly stated that all history is contemporary history and this applies to this context as well. …

With the Partition, two countries might have been able to successfully establish their identities, but there were a million identities that were fragmented in the divided landscapes. Refugees. The mass migration of refugees was an unparalleled political situation. …

Arjun Kumar Singh

A History undergrad who writes on themes that either fascinate him intellectually or sadden him!

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